Generalist who likes working with computers.

It’s a word you almost never hear.
“What do you do for a living?”
“I’m a generalist.”
“What kind of generalist?”
“I prefer working with computers.”
“So you’re a programmer?”
“Yes but not just that.”
“IT Management?”
“I could manage, but I prefer working with computers.”
“Engineering! You’re a Computer Engineer!”
“Well, yes I suppose it is like Computer Engineering but I don’t like all the documentation requirements and excessive planning stages. I prefer working with computers.”
“So you’re a highly agile programmer?”
“I’m a generalist. I can be agile. I can also plan. I can program but I also enjoy working with systems analysis”
“Oh you’re a Systems Analyst?”
“You could say that too, bu I’m a generalist who prefers working with computers. I also write poetry and enjoy deep meaningful discussions.”
Throws down drink in frustration and walks away.

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