General Topic/Theme Specific Topic/Theme

General Topic/Theme Specific Topic/Theme
Physics, Geometry, and Rotational Mechanics Rotational Physics and Inertia
Emotions, Behavior, and Psychology Human Evolution and Genetics
Technology and Image Processing Image Processing and Deep Learning
Feedback Systems and Control Feedback Loops and Time
Computability and Computation Computability Theory and Turing Machines
Algebraic Relations and Set Theory Graph Theory and Fixed Points
Chemistry and Chemical Reactions Organic Chemistry and Life
Biology, Genetics, and Evolution Connective Tissue and Cell Biology
Language, Linguistics, and Communication Semiotics and Communication
Philosophy and Metaphysics Metaphysics and Philosophy
Mathematics and Computational Concepts Manifold Theory and Topology
Computer Science and Programming Data Compression Techniques
Psychology and Mental Health Anxiety Disorders and Focus
Miscellaneous Topics Phase Transitions and Thermodynamics
Creating and Organizing Articles in Wikimedia – (No subtopic as it is already specific)
Note that “Creating and Organizing Articles in Wikimedia” is already a specific topic, so no corresponding subtopic is listed.

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