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Oh, it’s just been an on again, off again idea that keeps popping up in my brain every couple of years. I agree that having a supplemental education institution is a FANTASTIC idea – and would be even easier to start – after school programs, special classes meeting the needs of the creative students who don’t do so well with the ‘sit in a row of 5×5, stay quiet and listen”. I’m a big fan of gard…eners learning styles – learned about it in my mid 20s somewhere and it blew my mind how obvious it was – and I was absolutely floored that it hardly gets any notice in institutional education – and still doesn’t. Another one of my dreams, same idea as the religious-y one, is grassroots Universities but available to all. They could start off meeting in people’s homes, then renting a space in the local school, then a building (just like how many chur… “

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