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That’s the truth, Deb – I figure if i have to blame anybody for something, i’ll pin it on myself. Makes things go way more smoothly ’cause nobody will jump and go, “Oh , no no, it’s my fault! ” “No no, pick me pick me!” I can remember way back in school, even then, I’d take the fall if it was for a friend and their getting in trouble was way worse than if it was me. Of course, they owed me one -… but that’s just how it works. I like complaining about complainers ’cause it makes me feel like I’m not a complainer myself – but of course I am. It’s like when a politician complains about how awful politics are – when you’re part of the system, you’re part of the system. My favorite was back in college – other kids preaching “tolerance” but were inflexible against intolerant people – I’d be like, ‘Um… duh – you’re being intolerant dude by not b… “

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