g happens way more frequently.

Well, i just tried to compress a 1 hr program into a few sentences. You see, when you’re a Know-it-All like me (I like to believe I know it all about some things – at least enough to understand ,even if I can’t explain it well) – and the Universe is one of those things. I’d been skeptical about multiverses – nice idea, math supports it, yada yada. BUT when ACTUAL galaxies seem to be clustering al…ong a region of space where they are about to DISAPPEAR off the map – THAT’S something observable, verifiable – and something I can really chew on, and gets me starting to believe, “hm, okay – perhaps multiverse isn’t just a sci-fi thing”. but I’m still skeptical. Still, my mind is blown at the idea. My mind gets blown about twice a month – which is why I take it over sex anyday – mind blowing happens way more frequently.”

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