Funny thing about him: he’ll tell you he’s amoral

You’d like him I think. I kinda like him tbh. Amoral investor who doesn’t just make stock investments: he invests in whole countries monetary systems and knows how to ride the lies of the market and jump off at the right times.

Not only that, he pumps money *into* market lies as they’re happening to expand the bubbles so that when he jumps ship just before the burst, he profits amazingly.

Funny thing about him: he’ll tell you he’s amoral. Neither good nor evil in his mind. He says, “If there was no George Soros sitting here, there’d be another George Soros under another name”.

So, he’s either “just a successful guy” or “pure evil”.


The right hates Soros because Soros backs leftest / communist ideologies. His humanitarian work has been leftist. (he’s invested billions in countries that did *not* generate profit : he *does* have a moral side – he just keeps both halves of his personality split from each other).

So, there’s two Soros in one man.

Soros is extremely successful at almost everything he does. The right has nobody on their side that’s as powerful as he is on the left.

So, Soros gets the blame for everything people do. People love starting rumors about Soros. Fake craigslist ads in order to convince their own that get them to exxclaim “oh look, it’s soros again!” and maybe convice gullible Fox News and gullible Alex Jones.

Soros don’t care. He does what he does.


But ultimately? To me? He’s pure evil. But you can learn from evil without becoming evil. Depends on your moral alignment. I always come up as “neutral good” so I think I’m safe.



I think of myself as a generic American white male. Statistically, I’m not yet I also am, depending on the metrics. But I do it so I don’t fall into the trap of seeing myself as above others. Sometimes I fail at that. But it’s important to me to try because once I see myself as ‘above’ I’m no better than anybody who is measurably above.



well said. It’s easy to point the finger at the rich guy ’cause, well, there’s a REALLY GOOD CHANCE that the rich guy is involved _somehow_.But the thing about these rich guys: I don’t think they ever really *start* trouble. They _see_ trouble and find it to be an investment opportunity and THEN they act.This is the difference between conspiracy theories (so and so is behind it) vs what’s more likely the reality (they see trends, ride waves, expand bubbles, then leave before they pop). They can read charts and trends well and know when and how to act.

Help who you can. “Let those with ears let them hear” – that kind of thing. Those that can’t, won’t. Pick your battles. I have a dozen pat phrases for this, but they seem to be true enough.



I hadn’t really followed the Koch brothers much but then again I hadn’t followed Soros much either. I just hear things now and again. I only knew more about Trump because I grew up near where he was always in the news.

I know some thing about Buffet because I did investing once.

But Koch + Soros are usually off my radar completely. They operate at a level so far beyond my world that I don’t feel much of a need to try to throw stones up that high. But that’s me – I do that so I don’t get too caught up i things I’m unlikely to be able to influence. But, some things I can, so I work on those.


You like to exaggerate. Most people do these days. Fact is, I *think* kinda know how Nader Abed thinks and that the _parts of_ Soros that I kinda like, are the parts that I think Nader Abed will kinda like.

I kinda like Hitler too. I mostly don’t. Must everything be 100% this way or that? Gets boring after a while.


Short of is: both believe in “open society”. They each support political candidates but like the rest of us, they support the one that they think is the ‘least bad’ to them.

Makes the most sense. The “evil overlord” narrative that gets tossed around is just too Hollywood.


You nailed it man. Right attitude I think. My whole life I’ve never seen people as superior or inferior to me. My teachers weren’t gods: I remember in 5th grade watching my teacher and thinking, “I can do what she does.. probably better. She’s just older, went to school, got this job”.

Same attitude about bosses. Presidents. Whoever.

Some people get a better starting foot and end up in places I’m unlikely to go. How do I see them? “Good for them: I’d probably be a lot like them if I could be.”

Likewise, you and I are on a better starting foot than a lot of ppl in the world. If somebody out there is saying, “you rich Americans” and dislikes us for being so high up on the world economic pyramid (not just as a country but individually), I don’t blame them – and, like Soros, Koch brothers and others on the top 0.001% of money – I don’t feel guilty about it either most of the time. It’s just normal to me.

Where they are is normal for them.









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