full circle with a dewey decimal hook at start/end/restart 510.1

full circle with a dewey decimal hook at start/end/restart 510.1.
I made two iterations. First started and came back around at “EMBODIED COGNITION” via HOLISM IN SCIENCE, then from EMBODIED COGNITION went down HISTORY OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE back to NUMERICAL COGNITION, which came BEFORE EMBODIED COGNITION via the DEWEY DECIMAL number they have in common, 510.1, which is the META system I am doing all of this work within, up a dimension.
So it passes through EMBODIED COGNITION thrice.
Numerical cognition
Embodied cognition
Holism in science
Time in physics
History of timekeeping devices
Fusee (horology)
Shortt-Synchronome clock
electronic resonance circuit
analogical models
bond graph
Mechanical-electrical analogies
Reynolds number
Stokes flow
Nernst–Planck equation
Surface Chemistry of Microvasculature
Western cosmetics in the 1970s
Me generation
Mystical experience
Nyaya Sutras
Indian logic
Nyaya Sutras
Two truths doctrine
An Inquiry into the Good
Ethical Relativity
Conceptualization (information science)
Data conversion
Data Migration
Null Object pattern
Dependency inversion principle
Composition over inheritance
Software analysis pattern
The Oregon Experiment
Sense of place
Heterotopia (space)
Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge
Embodied cognition
continuing into ai —->
History of artificial intelligence
Hubert Dreyfus’s views on artificial intelligence
Knowledge acquisition
Knowledge-based engineering
Deductive classifier
Reasoning system
Epistemic modal logic
Common knowledge (logic)
Signaling game
Kakutani fixed-point theorem
Fixed-point space
Iterated function
Singular integral operators of convolution type
Weyl’s lemma (Laplace equation)
Maximum principle
Viscosity solution
Wendell H. Fleming
Function of several real variables
History of the function concept

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