Full automation is far off for all things.

Full automation is far off for all things. But partial automation or the obsoleting of job titles is possible for any position.

Who would’ve thought “Customer Service” would start disappearing as a separate thing? Instead it gets absorbed into other job titles, a side part of another position.

Data entry, typist, accounting, various programming jobs (esp if the dialect you know is no longer in vogue), all go away bit by bit.

Just the nature of things really.

If you need proof, look at older generations who did similar work as you. What’s changed from their time to yours? What of theirs became obsolete?

Something of yours will too. It’s all good.

Oh and there’s no crossover Skylar? Methodologies for development don’t change? Are you still using blue sheet blueprinting? CAD’s the same?

Did ppl who did your job 35 yrs ago do it the same as you do it today?

I know you do. It’s a standard. But you can’t say with a straight face that it’s the same as it was or that it will be the same in 2050.

Linear to modular to objective – writing in ALL CAPS with little .’s to XML… industrywide standardizations can obsolete the “how” of your job.

Gen purpose programming langs are similar to that, in that once you know one imperative lang, you can read and learn any of them. Or if you know Excel, you can pick up Haskall or whatever. The “what” in programming is pretty much unchanged at a high level as long as you know what it’s trying to accomplish.

I enjoy picking up programming languages for that reason. I can’t always write in them but it’s enjoyable to read and try to figure our what it’s doing. But its a weird side hobby of mine.

The left accepts it as does the right. There’s luddites on both sides too. It’s apolitical.

There can reach a glut point for any position too. Too many ppl trained in what you do, or it becomes such common knowledge it’s no longer anything special.



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