From Story writers/Directors to the Matrix to the Hobbit to God

You are correct. I had seen it on a list of Tarrentino’s favorite movies. I had to double-check – here’s the whole list:

Fight Club, Battle Royale, Anything Else, Audition, Blade, Boogie Nights, Dazed & Confused, Dogville, Fridays, The Host, The Insider, Joint Security Area, Lost In Translation, The Matrix, Memories of Murder, Police Story 3, Shaun of the Dead, Speed, Team America, and Unbreakable.

I thought Fight Club, Battle Royale, Blade, Boogie Nights, Speed, and Dazed & Confused were all his movies. I was mistaken.

They are also movies I didn’t see but seemed to have a similar character to them [to my eyes, based solely on trailers and the people I knew who were fans]

I *did* like Shaun of the Dead; which I had believed would be the last Zombie Film ever to be made… never expecting a TV series to take over the world [but I was also never much of a fan of Zombie films. It’s like, “ok, they’re all out to get you. Don’t die. Don’t become one of them. Got it.” Of course a lot of my favorite movies have a similar premise ]

Unbreakable was an interesting case. I hadn’t a clue that it was based on a comic. Nothing about it said, “Superhero” to me and it wasn’t until much later that I found out. I was surprised.

Of course “The Matrix” is a favorite; love the Matrix. A friend of mine from childhood has an elaborate theory which combines The Matrix and the “What the ____ Do You know?” series (which I haven’t seen, but know enough about to know to avoid it. I mean if I *had* to watch it, I’m sure I’d enjoy it and learn something… but I don’t care for films that have leading premises that purport to explain reality in some way and lead you down mazes and corridors of agreement until you MUST agree with them at the end. I’ve seen the dangers of that stuff in other contexts and try to avoid excessive exposure myself)

And a confession, I’m not much of a reader, unless it’s online. Never finished Lord of the Rings as a kid. Nor Harry Potter. Never even read Hunger Games. But I’m friends with fans and love the various genres, so I learn through their summaries and exposure to culture enough to be able to retell any of them in some form without having had to read much.

Never saw all the movies either. I did read the Hobbit though and saw a cartoon of it as a kid. Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Read that for a book report. Saw a cartoon so I could finish the book report. Never read/saw the rest of that series either, although I know a lot about CS Lewis and GK Chesterton, his mentor. I guess I find the people _behind_ the creativity is more interesting to me.. I want to get in their brains and see how they see and understand how they influenced so many people.. not so much their creations.

then again, as a kid, I skipped right past Jesus and tried to go straight to comprehending God… so it’s all sort of the same concept. Not a bad human-God archetype though. I prefer the Hippie Jesus generally who got pissed off once in a while but who learned to suffer in silence when he had to. Suits me more than the “feel bad for me” Jesus, although I have my moments there too.

I never really accomplished much though. There was a period of time in the Orthodox Church when I was contemplating the nature of the Trinity. REALLY trying. I let swirls of patterns form, images of the entire Universe and Time and a prototypical human entering the Time stream… and all sorts of lights emminating from the creator and the created and this whole complicated matrix thing that made entire sense… tied everything together… wrote a lot of notes about it in my short stay at the Monastery.

But it was arrogance on my part. Total arrogance. I really thought I ‘nailed it’. But no. I’m just a speck in the history of the cosmos. My brain is stupid and thinks it sent an email simply because it *intended to*, felt satisfaction at the intention and the planning stage… then got distracted and did other things.

Only to find a few weeks later, that I sent no such email.. and never followed through with the steps required in physical reality to carry out the plan of sending the email, explaining WHY a creditor was mad at me for an email that I was sure I composed, wrote and sent.

Stupid brain. Needs work. The emotion of “certainty” has far too much power.

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