*Daily Needs Checklist*

It#s easy to neglect the basics when you#re busy doing other stuff. Fill out this checklist every day to make sure you remember to take care of your basic human needs.

Physical Needs

___ Eat breakfast

___ Eat lunch

___ Eat dinner

Drink water

___ x1 ___ x2 ___ x3 ___ x4 ___ x5 ___ x6 ___ x7 ___ x8

Physical activity (check at least one)

___ Go for a walk ___ Play a sport ___ Exercise

___ Go to bed on time

Emotional Needs

Social activity (check at least one)

___ Call a friend and talk ___ Go out with a friend/romantic partner ___ Call/visit your family

___ Go to a social event to meet new people ___

___ Take 30-60 minutes to relax

Other Tasks

Is there anything else you need to do every day? Add it to this section, or alter the above sections to suit your needs.




Will I use it? I don’t know – but I like it. It’s simple. At least it seems simple enough to do.

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