^From a young age, your mind^

^From a young age, your mind will fill up with whatever it finds interesting. To discover where your geekiness lies, it is right there. Your Geekiness is subjects you know a LOT more than the "average Joe" about. Examples of geekiness: the usual suspects – computers, internet whiz, Gamer, smartphones, pokemon cards, weather, sports statistics,. Perhaps unexpected ways you can fill up your brain to GEEK level: Celebrity gossip (Celebrity geek), songs/artists knowledge, auto mechanics, tv/movie/book character knowledge (knowing everything about particular cartoon universe or series of movie (or movies in general – for that think Movie Critic geek), household hints/tips (that's for you mom!)… and so many others. Discover where your Geekiness really is, and you not only find what makes you the most happy, but it is something that is BANKABLE – you are EXPERT and there is likely a way you can make money at it easily, because the subject matter is so interesting to you for you to amass so much knowledge about it.^

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