Friendship is key

I looked over your exchange with William this morning over coffee. Masterful. I really appreciate having the friendship approach modeled for me. I’ve known for some time that it’s the way, even written about it at some length, and I use it, too, but never to the extent I’m seeing from you. It’s great.”Thank you for the feed back smile emoticon It’s easier for me to interact with him because, even though I don’t care for his lot as a whole, and I would love a social anarchy as a form of democratization – [sounds like a paradox but I think maybe you ‘get me’ here] – to replace the hierarchies with…. I also don’t expect to be in a position to change it and… they might be something to hierarchies that’s useful that I hadn’t considered, so I’m not ready to take down the towers just yet.

and.. truth be told, I had you in mind while I was talking to William as well, in the hopes that you’d see the thread. I tell people “I’m not a role model” but I’m also aware that every word and action can be viewed by somebody somewhere… and if I model the wrong behavior, I could be contributing to a problem. And yes, I agree – our problems are constructed ones and deconstruction is required.


Yes, friendship is key. I complained for years, “Why can’t I just say to a fellow adult, ‘Wanna be friends?” — and then social networks came out. Oh I knew you’d be following along – it’s just that my messages were directed in two places at once; written for William and also written for you.

I suppose I’m a Skinner Behaviorist at heart.


lol – bon appetit. I had to reconcile Skinner into my thinking at one point because, well, we ARE a bunch of animals most of the time aren’t we? tongue emoticon [not to say I agree with him but the points he made that are good, I accept]


Yeah, where behaviorism leaves off, Cognitive psychology takes over for me, with a bit of Jungian Campbell Lakoff thrown in for good measure.

I don’t watch TV for that reason. The day I turned off the TV and broke the habit was the day Sarah McLoughland sang “Arms of an Angel” with the picture of the brown dog. I saw what they were doing, shut off the TV as the emotional manipulation was starting to stir up inside of me and said, “fuck you TV, I’m done”, because as much of a clearheaded thinker I imagine myself to be, I found myself being pulled in within SECONDS. I didn’t like that much power wielded by someone.

Same here. When I was going to go into a monastery in my late 20s, I had some long talks with a monk, who was very scholarly and criticized me for being able to remember who said what, just a recollection of the ‘gist’ of what they said. My point to him was: “If I am absorbed the knowledge to the point that it becomes a part of me, isn’t that the whole point?” He backed down thankfully.

lol very true. Scholarship is, to me, a set of useful tools that produces a traceable history that others can follow and for that, I’m grateful for it. But without the heart, the engagement, the adoration of the subject matter, the spirit filling you get when you really “get” something – it’s just lines on paper. Nice lines on paper.

Just go into the Open Access Science journal system if you want to see a LOT of that in Science.
[heck, it’s in the peer-reviewed journal system too for that matter] tongue emoticon

Suffice to say, publish or perish results in a lot of thesauri being opened up; they love using complicated words to describe basic things.

Oh that is the truth. I’ve thought about buying myself a white cotton blazer, a light yellow shirt, and find a old tie from the 90s that’s ever so slightly out of fashion, and walk around. People will assume I’m some kind of doctor or scientist. TV you know. Gotta love Tropes.

[I actually did the other day. I walked by someone’s TV that was playing the other day. It was a commercial for some tooth product. The guy was talking in the allotted 30 second slot and he was supposed to be a dentist.

White cotton blazer, a tie I owned once, and a light yellow shirt. I thought, “I could do that tongue emoticon


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