friendship circles, crack and heroin

Yeah, my friendship circles irl were small. Most of my friends were always online… or before online was available, I had a CB Radio. Worked out to the same idea. Random people that I DIDN’T go to school with that weren’t usually my age, but older or younger.

I huffed twice. Rush I think it was called. 30 seconds of OMG HOLY SHIT EVERYTHING IN SLOW MOTION and then 30 minutes of OMG WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING.

Crack I tried 3 times. It took 10 YEARS until I couldn’t taste that plastic taste in the back of my thought at the mere thought of it.

Even now… let’s see, about 5-6 years ago now, I was at a campground with family, walking around the site. And there it was – the plastic smell. Surreal how it has a spot in the brain that just ‘sticks’.

But I’ve finally forgotten the smell/taste. Empty spot now thankfully. Also glad I never tried heroin and got sick trying morphine.. twice. Some of my friends in the northeast part of the USA report HUGE problems with Heroin addiction in their neighborhoods, among out of work gamers, middle aged men, bored teenage girls, grandparents. I never thought it would become “a thing”, but I guess it’s “a thing” now.

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