*Friends of friends of frie

*Friends of friends of friends:* _an experiment of six degrees via Google+_

I’ve been doing an experiment, following interesting people and placing them in an unique circle. What I found fasctinating is that there seem to be clusters of people who follow the same group, more or less, until you get into the fringes. It is at the fringes that things get interesting.

Your _friends in common_ start to dwindle. Faces of people you didn’t befriend that kept popping up suddenly start vanishing. Then you are finally left with the far flung fringes of the circle, most of which only have a total of 5 or 10 people in their circle, with one friend in common.

But then, suddenly, a *BREAKTHROUGH* – you find the _gatekeeper_ – the person who is not only friends with people in the circle you were traversing, BUT who has a NEW circle for you to travel down, with groups of different followers and more interesting people you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

In going through about 600 people in this one circle, I’ve learned more about people connectivity, strong interaction, weak interaction, how you have gatekeepers of circles, who introduce one circle to another.

And in this, I have traveled through the labyrinth of *six degrees of separation* – it is true that you are connected to everyone on the planet by six other people – but those six other people *must* be _gatekeepers_ for it to work.

And the gatekeepers were often the people you NEVER would have expected. It’s often the person who posts very little, or nothing. Might not have much of their profile filled out – if any. _But_ *they are connected*.

Those are the people you need to find. Share at will.

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