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Ok – there’s a few good basic webhosting services. There’s one I use now: I used them for free for years ’til my websites grew and now I pay. But the basic was powerful and it’s free. Let me get the address:

==== – Freehostia – that’s them.


They’re powerful and reliable. I started with them in 2007. A few years later, I upgraded. They’re the same people that do resellerspanel – where you can make your own web hosting company through them. They provide the tech support and cheap rates and you can tack on a few $ for yourself.

Super easy.


5 Hosted Domain(s)
250MB Disk Space
6GB Monthly Traffic

3 E-mail Accounts
1 MySQL v.5 Databases
10MB MySQL Storage

They give you that for free. It’s generous.
You’ll have to do the permissions and all that stuff yourself but it’s easy enough. Everything goes through – cPanel, which is real easy to use.
I even know where you can set up a free Gopher :P [not that anybody knows what that is anymore] – it’s unix shell access for life. – but that’s more hard-core. There’s also a web server on there and you can host on there as well. But for your needs, I think freehostia will work perfectly. I’ve bought a number of cheap godaddy domains and I’ve been running sites through freehostia/resellerspanel for years now.

Or if you need cloud development (shell access, workspace and stuff for programming, there’s: – I use them whenever I need an up-to-date development environment. (for example, when I find a GREAT app i want to run but it only works on Linux/Unix systems).

Last one I did was to run a script that grabbed all of my Youtube videos and transferred them to the Internet Archive. It worked perfectly for it, after a little trouble getting Python 3 set up (’cause I don’t use Linux that often) – I ended up creating too many aliases into a recursive loop where the system had no idea where the pointers were really pointing to anymore….

anyway… that’s far away from where you’re working at. I just love a chance to share some awesome free resources out there.

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