Fractint for Windows 64-bit 20.99.8 download Win7

Fractint for Windows 64-bit 20.99.8 download

I couldn’t find the compiled Windows that works on Win7 so I made two files:  One is the Program files zipped up and the other is a copy of the MSI installer.  I *think* the installer is all you need but I can’t check as I don’t want to lose my copy.

It _used_ to be available here: but I can find source code but not compiled as codeplex moved to github and the compiled version seems to have vanished.

Hope this helps and thanks to Ian Edmonds as I was inspired to go on this quest as he has had a similar experience with Fractint (frain) but had come across a similar issue.  I don’t know which will work.  Feel free to scan with virustotal if you like but it should come up clean.

ZIP of my Program Files (x86) / Stone Soup Group / FractInt for Windows /

Installer found in Windows / Installer

More here in desc and comments:


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