Four kinds of cops.

+Lord Dissident lol :P  Well, to me, there’s three kinds of cops:

a) The cop who was a bully in school and wants to keep bullying but “legit” (the bad cop)

b) The cop who used to get beat up in school and “nows his chance for payback “legit” (the bad cop, worse because there’s a lot of 3rd Grade to make up for)

c) The cop who wants to keep the world safe for those not strong enough to defend themselves.   (the good cop, romantic, idealist)  If I was in a cop family and had to be a cop; that’s the kind of cop I’d be.

Oh then you have the fourth:

d) The cop who believes that the law is the law and believes that people exist to make sure that, whatever the law is, they are the “somebodies” who make sure everybody flies right and does the right thing. (good or bad cop, depending on the laws being upheld, agnostic to personal morality; right and wrong is dictated by whatever the laws say, and idealist to “the law is the law and right is right and the law is right and right is the law”)

A and B appear to be the same but the motivations are different.

There’s the 5th kind; “It’s just a job”.  I don’t consider them real cops. Sometimes cop families produce those; probably the most dangerous of all because, well, they don’t really care.

That’s my breakdown of “good cop/bad cop”.  Thoughts?

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