four genders in russian including plural helps in classifying words

In learning Russian, I'm finding that it's better to have
these classifications, because a whole slew of events follows
which something falls into.

So, in Russian, there are, basically, *four* genders:


Yup, plural.  Makes more sense that way.

Now, when I first started learning Russian, as a mnemonic,
whenever a noun would come up with a particular gender,
I would quickly picture the object with a small set of
genetalia on it.

Yes, it doesn't fit well to American standards perhaps -
and most schoolteachers would probably be tossed out on
their ear for even suggesting that to any students...

But, it helps in my memorization, as it seems to accomplishe
three things:

1) The image of the item is pictured in the mind
2) The word is given an 'anchor' to make it violent,
titilating, or amusing
3) The word is also put in the 'category' that it
finds itself, which makes making adjectives and
other nasties agree, a much easier process.

I don't *always* use it - I don't use it as much anymore,
since my 'russian' mind is becoming more self-correcting,
and is starting to recognize which goes in what group.

But a difficult word -will- get the anchor, and I end up
remembering it.

Just a thought :)

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