Found remote to bedroom TV. FINALLY

^Found remote to bedroom TV. FINALLY got to catch up on two latest episodes of "Through the Wormhole", one about "what makes us who we are" and the latest, about "Nothing". Both high-brow, thinking episodes. Loved them both. I especially enjoyed one physicists description of electrons being surrounded by the haze of the quantum foam, which is why the universe is expanding (repelling each other) and why we can't measure the true intensity of electrons. It also explains why objects can't pass through one another — something that has puzzled me since I was 13 years old. Back then I had imagined that Jesus could pass through the solid wall yet be solid because the spins of his electrons were aligned (I thought the fast spinning kept them from passing through each other) – but I didn't know about quantum foam. (yeah, I was into this stuff for my whole life – thanks to Doctor Who) and two GREAT middle school science teachers)^

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