Found out I like monks. Can you tell?

Probably would be. I knew some catholic monks when I worked at Seton Hall University (NJ, USA) doing data entry in the mid 90s, and a bunch of Eastern Orthodox monks, online and in real life.. .and had some encounters with Buddhist monks visiting a Unitarian Universalist thing I did when I was 18/19 or so.

Found out I like monks. Can you tell?

But yeah, they’re just people.


Ah! That’s where it depends. If I was one of the monks, I’d talk about it. Exactly like I’m doing here but probably more focused.

That’s because I like the deep stuff.

But, not everybody is geared up to be an educator or talk about stuff. They might be busy trying to figure it all out for themselves and aren’t really up for it.

Or, they could be busy with whatever their plans are for that day, and basically be like, “go away kid, ya bother me”.

So, depends smile emoticon



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