found on my pc in notepad just now

Hello again ken, and also i wanted to say that, remember earlier when
i got my top hat, well get ready for this, i just got a…

yes pink, but in my new video i asked the viewers what color i should trade
for it, but it rare, its long, and its a collar, awesome right? also found a
person with a black and white top hat, yet they declined my trade
i gave him mine,
the brown one is the 4th rarest! the black and white was the 5th
it was an overtrade!
yet he declined,
yet again,
it was the most fair trade i every seen besides a long wrist for a short
collar, but still its still rare, both of my dream items in 1 day,
guess its karma for being good to half the people i see, not all desserve my

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