forum post on PC-Link/AOL regarding rights of kids/teens (I was 20)

Subj: Re: Rights of Kids/Teens
Date: 92-04-27 01:59:39 EDT
From: SBD Brad
To: Adonis Ent

>> It’s kinda funny. I’m 20 years old and I’m still a 2nd class citizen! It was bad enough when I was 12 and 17… and even AFTER I hit 21, I’ll have to wait ’till 25 before I can rent a car…etc. <<

Sorry about that, Ken,    In that case, to let the truth be known, I’m about the same age as you are (although don’t tell anybody…being the Editor of the SBD many people think that I’m at least 35…[grin].  Well, I never say that i am, but i also don’t tell them otherwise…it’s sad to admit, but it’s good for business…actually, someone once phoned here for me, and my mother answered.  the caller thought she was my wife…oops [grin]).

If you also want to know something else…i have travelled to the US, and I can tell you that the rights of youth are really much more recognised here in Canada.  The situation really isn’t as bad as it seems to be down there.  Perhaps if you ever decide to raise a family you could move up here…[grin].  Hey, we have great tobogonning weather here in the winter months, and great tanning/burning weather in the summer!  Talk about your extremes! [grin].  Later!

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