Forms are a result of our cognitive systems. There’s no pure world of ideas. Sorry Plato.

I’d kiss you but there’s 3 feet of air, glass, some electronics, thousands of miles of Internet, more electronics, more glass, and more air.. .and honestly, I didn’t brush my teeth and I really hate kissing.

But you get the idea.

I believe (could be wrong) forms are the results of our cognitive processes – I blame in particular the part of our vision that seems to quickly distinguish “outlines” – where one object stops and another object starts basically.

The manipulations happen within our brains. They can be traced and tracked of course now somewhat. I don’t remember which PART of the visual system to blame though.

They’re – PERFECT and solid distinctions, cognitively.

Anyway, that’s what I blame for Forms.

All the other senses seem to have a better ability to distinguish gradual changes of pressure or other subtlies. Vision does – we have colors and such – but it also has that strong ‘contrasting’ mechanism.. That’s why I blame it.

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