Forgot about it. Years passed. I was wrong.

The few friends I have that _are_ theoretical physicists see multiverse as a “thought tool” or math tool rather. You can borrow from anti-time for example in your calculations, so long as you remember to put it back.

Or you can borrow from other universes so long a you put it back when you’re done.

Tried getting into Harry Potter a little. Read two chapters of the first book when it came out. Was like, “k, I guess I could see its appeal but I doubt it’s gonna go anywhere”.

Forgot about it. Years passed. I was wrong.
I was in my “can’t believe they cancelled Doctor Who” mode still, seeking replacement. Suffered through Quantum Leap, Time Cop, other barely substitutes. Thought maybe Harry Potter would do it.

But I was grown up by then. I think if I was a kid, I’d have enjoyed the series, especially the excitement when a new book would come out and the inevitable teenage, “oh god people are still into this?” as the series kept going on for enthusiasts and youngers, while I’d grown older.
I did that with video games. “Oh god people still play video games? I’m 16, way too old for this. Besides, video games are gonna always be just for kids, never adults, and I have to mature”.

Another time I was wrong :) [but I did beta testing instead, so secretly kept playing]

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