Forgive people but watch your back too!


  • They try, but I have some tricks that help:
    a) Emotional Manipulation. Make it a FIRM rule, within yourself that you will _not_ allow yourself to be emotionally manipulated, whether by a tv commercial, or a person.
    b) You can empathize and see through their eyes and heart and yet, retain the right to CHOOSE your next action.
    c) Keep vague answers ready. Vague commitments. Lots of maybes
    d) Your money and your stuff is yours.
    e) There is no such thing as borrowing. If you lend something, consider it a 100% gift that you will not see again.
    f) People will not remember the good you’ve done. And that’s ok. It’s normal for them.

    If things are really bad in a “getting taken advantage of situation”:
    g) Do not show initiative. Let them think you’re lazy, helpless, a fool even. It does not reflect on YOU, but it is for self-protection.

    Probably the crappiest advice ever, but I don’t like being taken advantage of, and strong forceful personalities can be tricky to deal with.
  • Kenneth Udut I forgive people.
    I watch my back in those areas that I know they are ‘weak’ in. If someone around me steals, I keep my stuff where they can’t get it. I try to anticipate what they *might* do, and I forgive them in advance because it’s their way, and I have my way, and I can’t change them, and they can’t change me. I trust them only in the places where they’re trustworthy but that’s it.


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