For those who pray, prayer can remove terrorism.

Prayer doesn’t seem all that unreasonable for many people to do, that is: regular people without political influence.

Also, removing one’s own FEAR (which is one of the better psychological benefits of prayer) *DOES* fix terrorism in that the person who prayed NO LONGER FEELS TERRORIZED.

Consider that. Terrorism creates terror. For those who pray, prayer can remove terrorism. As can seeing a therapist. For money. Prayer’s free.

Now, to less esoterica:

Citizens can: write letters. That’s something they can do. So, there’s a “do thing”: Write a letter to someone with influence.

However, people who DO have political influence… people who ARE in positions of power, they CAN do something.

If they’re sitting around praying, that’s fine when they’re off the clock.

But someone who CAN DO SOMETHING (besides pray or write a letter), and SHOULD do something:

What can _they_ do?


No. That’s wishing.
Prayer is _supposed to be_ about resilience. Acceptance. Inner strength.

People who pray for God to fix things are wishing, not praying. but I’m speaking from the perspective I was taught.


That’s only for religious people who follow “doomsday” scripts.

Not all do. I was in a bunch of religions. None of them did what you said.

People who believe in conspiracies, which includes atheists, religious, all people of any walk of life, THEY have the fears you talk about.


And the paradigm shift? Eh. I’ve been online since 1989. A bunch of people yapping only makes change when it gets to the ears of someone with influence.

Collective conscious? Come on. There’s individuals and groups. You’re going into BS land with that. Paradigm shift? Really?


The collection conscious paradigm shift means: Converting people from one belief system to another. In short, “JOIN MY GROUP”.


That wasn’t a paradigm shift Naveed. That’s groups growing online because of social media.

They decide to meet up and do stuff.

I dunno. It just sounds all too high minded and has a taint of romanticism to it.

I see individuals and groups. Groups that get big enough and do stuff together become “people of influence”. They are no longer individuals but are Groupthinkers.

Group thinking CAN be purposeful, but it can also be very dangerous.



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