“For the greater good of humanity”?

“For the greater good of humanity”. We often embark on causes that we believe are for the greater good of all mankind. They feel like entirely selfless acts. We feel Noble in our purpose yet humble in our presentation. We fight for the cause, and enlist others of like mind to join us in our fight. Yet, before we know it – we find ourselves talking only to people who are of like mind, and no longer seeking common ground between those who think differently – but instead, seeking to either ostracize them as the enemy – or bring them entirely into the fold – with no possible middle, no awkwardness. “you are either one of us, or not one of us. If you’re not one of us, you must stay outside of the circle”. This happens so frequently – and so commonly, that we barely see it happening to ourselves.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to circle the wagons when you feel threatened. But the more suspicious you are of those do you feel are on the outside – the fewer opportunities for growth you will have, for when you look only at people that are of like minds – you are, in effect – looking at a mirror. No longer the selfless noble warrior.

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