For how long should I delay?

There are many factors in making a decision of any kind, from when is the best moment to hit a baseball to when is the best time to die.  The one central question that binds them all together is this:

“For how long should I delay?”

Since I neither play baseball, nor do I wish to die, my answer right now is, “I shall delay for as long as I possibly can until everything is “just right”.  Since I can’t foresee a scenerio with which my own dying will be “just right”, I’d probably choose to delay for several thousand years, should that biological option be given to me :P

“There is a tendency in our planning to confuse the unfamiliar with the improbable.  The contingency we have not considered seriously looks strange; what looks strange is thought impossible; what is improbable need not be considered seriously.”  Donald Rumsfeld referred to these as “Unknown Unknowns”.  [quote is found in “Wait: The Art and Science of Delay by Frank Portnoy”.  The first two paragraphs are entirely my own, but inspired by what I read in there.  “For How Long Should I Delay?” is not only the Procrastinator’s Question but a question all have to deal with, especially when faced with the completely unexpected in life… planning for things we never could have planned for]

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