For himself and his family’s legacy.

For himself and his family’s legacy. This includes: what he’s doing right now: a classic Soros move (a lot of people do this) – confuse the news which confuses the markets then inject money into a bubble that forms in the confusion. Help inflate the bubble and then just before it pops (market correction), jump out and make huge profit.

If he isn’t, well, other people are.

It’s *possible* he’s taken “The Power of Positive Thinking” (Norman Vincent Peale) a little far (taking on impossible challenge with the hope that the Universe will naturally give you all the energies you need to complete the task) as well.

Ultimately? idk.


When I see “Make America Great Again”, I read it automatically as: “Make America Great Again [for me]”.

But the ‘me’ isn’t me. It’s Trump’s ‘me’.



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