For Everyone in my Circles:

For Everyone in my Circles: *THANK YOU FRIENDS and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!*

I’ve got some of the funniest, deep thinking, crazy, fantastic people in my circles. I’ve got all ages, all races, all countries, except antarctica. And you all prove to me that *life is awesome*. I accept you all as you are, and you accept me, beardy-face, glasses, blurry video on a $200 netbook. Ask me to watch your youtube video, I’ll watch it and Like it and subscribe. Tell me your story and I’ll listen. Call me names and I’ll take it. You laugh at my corny jokes, my blue slinky that I make wormholes with and *rasta banana* in my barn. I feel like a celebrity when someone puts on the beard and glasses from Google Effects and looks like me or puts my name in the Hangout Title. You invite me to Hangouts – and *keep doing it*, even if i can’t come in right then. Show me your cuts, tell me about your girlfriends and boyfriends or fantastic business idea, or what a crappy day you had at work or school. Or make funny faces at me – if I don’t make them first. You can mute me (but please don’t block me!) if I’m being a goofball.

And don’t worry: I’m not going anywhere. I just wanted to stop and say *thank you friends*. You really are my friends. You’re all cooler than most anybody i’ve met in _real life_. And I am grateful.

*You Are Awesome*. Never forget it. *Kenneth Says So, So it’s True*.

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