For a moment, There was internal hope in Syria

For a moment,
There was internal hope in Syria. I did some quick learning:
This is from Feb 3, 2018.

deirezzor was liberated from ISIL by Syrian Army (SAA) with Russian help.
ISIL was pushed back far into the desert, away from Damascus.

Deir ez-Zor is in Syrian hands again…. BUT…

Now I’ve learned: those 200 Russians killed by the USA? That happened just a few days after the visit by Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II.

I’m not sure if the US/France/UK bombing was in Deir ez-Zor or not yet or where it is in relation to Damascus BUT:

For a moment, even if just a moment, the hope was there. I see no reason it can’t return again.

That’s the thing: nobody wants the terrorists there. USA doesn’t want them. Europe doesn’t want them. Muslim’s don’t want them. Syrian Christians don’t want them. Russian’s don’t want them.

Nobody wants them.

Russians have been giving Syria the most help in fighting.

But, USA/Europe wants the SDF (Kurdish army) to overthrow the current Syrian govt to install a democratic govt.

So, that’s three major things in Syria at once: Official Syria, Syrian rebels and ISIL.

Nobody wants ISIL.

So that video is showing a victory where ISIL was driven out.

But a few days later, civil war again with US help.

So.. I dunno. Is Asaad doing ethnic cleansing? I dunno. If so, ok, probably gotta stop him.

But what a mess. Can’t even have a few days of quiet.




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