food industry – yeah it’s bullshit but it’s not as bad as you think. it really is food… mostly.

Here’s my take on most produced food: It’s not food.
It’s *just barely* compatible with human life… just enough to be called “food”.

I’m actually a fan of mass-produced, mass processed foods. I like my non-dairy creamer. I know what it’s made of. I know how they make it. I know how to make my own. You can make anything that you buy that’s processed… at least some close clone of it, using similar ingredients.

I like mass produced foods because they keep it cheap enough to buy. I don’t have to worry about it spoiling.

I’ve got a yogurt maker; used to make my own. Made my own protein by rinsing flour under water to reveal the protein inside, steamed it in a pressure cooker in a broth, then fried it up like meat after squeeeeezing out the juices…

I’ve made my own Kefir from seeds I got on the Internet.

I’ve had my own chickens. Shit on the eggs. Always. They put a little layer of edible parrifin wax on the coating of eggs, apples and other things. I like that little wax layer. Keeps shit out.

We grew our own pigs. Several times. Great food composter. They stink. They escape. It was fun but castrating pigs? They were too old to be castrated and they didn’t like it. Thankfully, I only had to hold the legs apart and rip the testicles out (because I’m strong) but my brother did the cutting.

Eh. I like mass produced food, as long as I know what’s in it and whether I’m getting ripped off or not.

But try it if you like. Won’t be what you think, but it’s worth the experience. Save up your money while you have good jobs though. Best thing I ever did. Save over 50% of your income and invest it carefully and intelligently. It’s entirely doable. It grows fast. Lasts a long time.

Still, I complain about the food industry. Not happy with a lot of it. Growing your own tomatoes? Worth it for the flavor. I wouldn’t worry so much about pesticides and stuff. And organic? A joke. Ripoff. Just wash your food in vinegar before you eat it. Done.

If your food comes in a cardboard box off a shelf ,well you get what you get. Dried pasta or something sealed in a can. It’s actually far more natural than you think it is. Most of the chemicals are just long-winded names for chemicals that show up ALL OVER the place in the supermarket – same old things in different forms, different names, , or versions of preservatives that have been used for a very very long time.

People make a big deal about the littlest things in processed foods. The thing is: The can of stew you buy? It really *was* cooked somewhere. It’s real food. If they didnt line the cans with a thin layer of something, you’d get botulism. WAY WORSE than “ooh, it might make 0.0000003% of the population sneeze” or if you inject rats with 10,000,000x the human dosage it gives them cancer or something.

So much scare stuff. It’s true: Theres bullshit out there. But know the bullshit. OWN the bullshit. I know nutritional labels are shit, but what else do I have to go by? I don’t have a calorimeter. If it says this much of this vitamin is in it, I *have* to trust that watchdog groups are watching out for the bullshit for me. That’s what they do.

Remember this:
Ingredients are listed in order of amount.

By the time you get to the 5th ingredient, there’s usually almost NONE OF IT in there. Almost everything is in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ingredients. Don’t be fooled by long names either. Look them up. They’re usually just the name of a vitamin or something. And parenthesis? To me, they should break out the stuff in parenthesis into a separate area, because it makes ppl think things are worse than they really are.

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