Food for thought – ponder your history lessons: “There is something terrifyingly disingenuous about the way many people construct an odd history of Western civilisation and treat it as some sort of homogeneous block. You start with the Greeks and minimise and ignore all the Eastern contact, whether Phoenician traders or the various civs that grew up around the Eastern Med and the fertile crescent. The Greeks are cut from context and suddenly made “Western”. After the Greeks you get the Romans which last until the 5th century – do lets ignore the Eastern Roman Empire. Then the middles age which are treated as the birthing ground of several modern nation states and so on and forth. It’s a fictive genealogy, baton passing, which usually culminates in the country of the posters/speaker’s origin. Not only is all this stuff bad history I’d argue there’s something almost racist about lumping dozens of different cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious groups together as “Western”. ” via :

“White people are the least racist and most generous ethnic group in all of human history…. via

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