FNAF 1987 prequel – one of the children who ended up as an animatronic. Vine.

With the demise of #radioshack I decided to revisit 1987, the year of #fnaf #biteof1987 inspired by +The Living Tombstone and made a #vine pursuing a #prequel concept.

In my pre-history idea, he was one of the boys that MAY HAVE ended up as one of the #souls (or bodies, depending on how you read the #fivenightsatfreddys #storyline ) – and this strange phone call was an odd  #time #anomoly that should never have been possible.

The old guard from the #future was trying to warn the #boy not to go that night, but we don’t know if the boy ended up going, if the phone call was successful…. and so, it remains a #mystery

If this boy did end up as one of the animatronics.. which one is he?

So yeah, that’s what this is about.  :)

Interesting to note about this little clip: the commercial is from 1987.  Also of note: The cellular phone of 1987 became the and of today.  28 years of progress, but the seeds were planted right here, in the past.

Also of note: the on the kid’s lap is now a    (that’s the real   part, verified by the catalog :P )

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