Flow, DLPFC – missed it completely last year – lowered inhibition increases creativity

Oh *thank you* for finding the DLPFC for me. I did a big (big for me) study of the brain circuitry on my own last years for several months, trying to map it all out to my satisfaction, going from one area to another.

Lots of notes on lots of Index cards, which I used as my base note-taking media (one idea per card). Had no idea I’d end up with thousands… and a corresponding *lack* of desire to scan once I got past 750 or so… ’cause THEN I have to start typing even after the scanning… [google’s image AI wouldn’t know *what* to do with my card scans although I might upload them on a secondary acct *just* to see how sophisticated their AI *really is* compared to what all the hype _says_ it is)

I looked at the DLPFC briefly in April 2014, via http://psychcentral.com/news/2013/06/05/meditation-that-eases-anxiety-brain-scans-show-us-how/55617.html but, going by my notes (I saved my history at the time _just_ for a time like this): I went in the direction towards Development psychology and Field Theory – and I *completely missed* the connection to “flow states”.

I was mostly focused on the time at ANATOMICAL areas of the brain rather than FUNCTIONAL areas, because I was trying to map out actual circuitry, stumbled upon the N400 effect not long afterwards…

Yet, it’s precisely flow states that I am most interested in. I’d revisited it from _other_ directions, and while I had figured out the connections between removal of inhibition (and its interesting relationship to schizophrenia…. nicotene,.. dream states (the “am I dreaming or awake)… how there “is no background when you dream” [which is what gives dreams that… dreamy.. feeling… as it were… )…

…PLUS my focus on anatomical connections rather than functional connections – trying to go straight from anatomical –> psychology … *I missed the significance of the DLPFC*… because I kind of “poo poo”d Functional anatomy.

After all, a blob of “yeah it does this but yeah, we don’t really know where… so it’s a ‘thing’ that’s kinda over here, but well, not really – but WE KNOW IT WHEN WE ACTIVATE IT” wasn’t appealing to me at the time. I wanted a ONE-TO-ONE correlation.

So yeah, missed this one. Thank you for the link; that’s the released inhibition I was looking for.

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