Firstly, not all right-wing libertarians care about abortion or used to.

Firstly, not all right-wing libertarians care about abortion or used to.
For example: up to the era of Ron Paul libertarianism, right-wing libertarians were NOT pro-life.
The right-wing libertarians CHANGED after 2012:
Here they were just before Ron Paul:
“From the founding of the party until 2008 there were explicit pro choice planks in the platforms with the original 1972 platform only explicitly opposing restrictions on the first hundred days of pregnancy but in 1974 the words “the first hundred days” was dropped to just say “We further support the repeal of all laws restricting voluntary birth control or the right of the woman to make a personal moral choice regarding the termination of pregnancy” later platforms added more words to be clearer adding both the word abortion and explicitly opposing all laws requiring waiting periods consent of anyone else other than the woman etc. in 94 mention of RU 486 was mentioned by name as well as language including all other reproductive healthcare in 1996 language was added recognizing that legitimate pro life libertarian positions were a possibility but that government should not be a player on this question and in no way should restrict or subsidize any abortion procedure in 2000 most of the explicit anti abortion prohibition language was removed but the position of keep the government out remained it has remained similar until today [2] National Platform of the Libertarian Party, 1.4 Abortion, adopted in Convention, May 2012.”
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