First modem 300 bps

Yes smile emoticon Not until I got a 2400 bps modem but until then, I had a 300 baud half duplex modem I used to connect to other BBS’ and to PC-Link, the online service that later became AOL.

My first modem. I even hooked my Tandy Color Computer 2 to it but at 32 characters wide, BBS’ looked odd.hw-modem-dcm6(1393)

What amazed me is when I went up to 56k baud, it seemed SO FAST for such a short amount of time. High speeds at work and dialup at home soon made me frustrated.

Now that I’m at 10M Baud down, 768k baud upload on DSL, it’s much better.

Still it’d be nice to have some of the even higher speeds, but at the cheap price I pay for this, it’s ok for now.


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