Find your Supervisor of Elections by list- Florida Division of Elections – Department of State

Ugh. 67 Counties in Florida. I was posting current recount status for every county but each website is wildly different, got up to Columbia County, FL and I’m taking a break. #CountEveryVote #EveryVoteCounts

Here is a list of homepages for every Florida county’s Supervisor of Elections. From here, you can look up the status of each county’s machine recount progress. Some counties seem to be waiting until Nov 16, 2018 to start the manual recount, which is logical as it’s mandated by law. Others are proceeding with machine recounts and a few have completed that task.

Democracy is slow, boring, painful and less automatic than one might thing. We’re a Democracy operating within a Republic structure and so this is how things go. Get it right. Don’t rush as rushing is sloppy.

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