Filled out application for Schering-Plough after writing my own job description.

Technical Support Analyst II (VGA + Microstrategy)

I got my desired salary.

I described my position as Temp (which they were making permanent) as follows:

[worked for Angelord from 01/1993 – 10/2000]

Currently assigned at Schering (2+ years), Automatic Report Generation for BIC, using Excel, Visual Basic for Applications, Access.  Given a lot of creative freedom in making the production of reports more and more efficient.  Provide on-the-spot training for others in BIC in Intermediate and Advanced uses of Excel and Access.  Eliminating redundant tasks for self and others in BIC.


How I described my job at D&F Discount Computers.  Head Technician 1/2/1996 1/1/1997

Repaired, built, and sold custom PC clones.  Trained and managed technicians under my supervision and tutored customers.  Provided troubleshooting for various and sundry software and hardware problems.

Left to stay home and take care of sick grandmother (since deceased).


and how I described Park Printing  [a printshop I worked for under Armand Mirabelli]

Computerized Typesetting.  12/1991 01/1993

Typeset flyers, posters, advertisements, resumes and other documents using Pagemaker 5.0 for the Macintosh.

Reason for leaving: Owner of the company died.

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