figuring out “what are my views of everything”. Still working on that project but getting places.

UU is probabliy where I’d belong eventually. They were one of my first “hops” and I liked them a lot. Too political for me though. They loved talking politics at coffee hour.

Society of Friends was a blast: I loved just sitting there with the whole “speak when inspired” bit. Also liked Vipassana meditation but that was self study. Episcopal was truly beautiful; the best music for sure. Yeah, I enjoyed church hopping.

I was MR SCIENCE after a brief obsession with Osho after the Eastern Orthodox. and a few years ago, started a process of self-integration of all of my interests and figuring out “what are my views of everything”. Still working on that project but getting places.


I made a stop into the world of Philosophy about a year ago, to try to understand it as much as I can and got about as far as I can with it about 3 months ago, mostly looking for fundamental flaws in the systems so I could put things in the proper places that work for how I think.


Well… my mother referred to Baptists as “Scary Christians”, although I think he was referring more to the more politically minded and evangelist minded.

She herself was raised in something called “Dutch Reform”, which I don’t think exists much anymore, and she wouldn’t wait to get away from. She was raised with the fire and brimstone stuff and refused to pass that on to us, and she didn’t.


I never knew much about Dutch Reformed myself. Odd that I shouldn’t have investigated it at all, except perhaps transferring my mother’s own not-so-great experiences and deciding “don’t look”.

I know she was raised with Calvinist beliefs – that I figured out myself when dong some theology/church history studies as a teenager. “Mom you realize you’re basically a Calvinist who also believes in Reincarnation”. I was a smart-ass, very proud of myself. And she knew more than I expected when she agreed. smile emoticon


yes, having been raised in it, big fan. No Hell. not much emphasis on salvation or even Jesus (more of a hippie Jesus I guess they’d call it). Just “Be Good, Do Good”. Minister had no more power than the council, … in fact, the church ladies had the most power, really tongue emoticon


t was a very empowering church to grow up in. At any given moment, I’d be tapped on the shoulder and have to be an acolyte or suddenly find out, I’d be giving a lay reading. Nervous, shaking because i hate public speaking, I’d get up there. Always in church plays [got to play Matthew at last supper plays four times as a teenager, and once they did the whole thing and I was the criminal up on a tall VERY UNSAFE cross next to Jesus, behind a blue veil. They never did THAT again… probably broke a bunch of safety laws somehow…

… and I was the church custodian from age 13-18, so I was at the church every single day after school.


I feel genuinely bad for people who had awful church experiences growing up. I have a lot of friends who are VERY atheist (and spreading-the-word wherever they go) and invariably, they were raised in church environments that were VERY Bible or strict in other ways. To me, they transferred from one Bible to another, replacing Bible quotes with Dawkins quotes, and instead of lists of Sins, it’s lists of Fallacies.. and Word of God is replaced with Logic is behind Everything – but to me, amounts to the same idea.



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