Fighting with inner self to help language learning?

Fighting with inner self to help language learning?
I live inside of my head. I have arguments with myself in my head. What if I could use that to practice Spanish tenses in my head, I wondered this morning.
So, let’s say I issue myself a command:
as I’m lying in bed.
How many ways can I respond that would match where I am at in my textbook in tenses? So I came up with 5 this morning:

¡Levantate! – Get up! (Imperative Mood)
A veces me levanto. – Sometimes I get up. (Conditional Mood)
Ayer me levanté. – I got up yesterday. (Preterite Tense)
Voy a levantar. – I’m about to get up. ((near) Future Tense)
Me estoy llevantando. – I am getting up. (Present Continuous)
Me acabo de levantar. – I just got up. (Present Perfect)

I need to stay restricted to the textbook level. Next I am going to do this for verbs that can convert well to Imperative – even though I don’t think we covered it yet and see how it works. I should be able to have a head full of simple, time-based excuses or responses to commands to help me practice tenses while I go about my day (as long as i keep them in a notebook or something)

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