Feeling like a black sheep? Standing

^Feeling like a black sheep? Standing out? Different? Just remember: whether the white sheep recognize it, you're still part of the flock. Here is the "black sheep effect" from Wikipedia: In psychology, the black sheep effect refers to the

tendency of group members to judge likeable ingroup members
more positively
and a deviant ingroup member
more negatively
than comparable outgroup members.

We all feel outcast from time to time – home, work, school, society – it's part of the Human Condition, and i doubt there's a soul alive who hasn't experienced it.

Just remember – you are not alone. Carry on, fight the good fight, do what you do best. If your heart is right and you keep your brain engaged, you may always be a black sheep, but you're still a sheep. Hm – on second thought, maybe it's just better to be a human than to be a sheep. What are your thoughts on this?^

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