feedback and error correction is not failure

Thank you; yes, I do the best I can with the foundation (not baseless but I sometimes make rational but ultimately incorrect leaps) – and then I try to find an audience to present it to that can take what I put together and say, “Ok, but this is wrong, that is wrong; what were you thinking behind that?”

Lacking a mentor or professor to work with – and looking into a variety of fields through the years (depending on what I’m researching at the time) , it’s the only way I know of to receive corrective feedback when I reach a point where I realize, “I can’t go further UNTIL I get these things nailed down.”

So, I depend on people, such as yourself, that are willing to take a few minutes, put your hand on my shoulder and say, “Look buddy, I see what you’re trying to do here.  But maybe you should look further into a, b and c, and discard the x, y and z”.

That gets me over “the hump” – where I’ve gone as far as I can go my own; where I start to notice biases in my thinking (I know I’ve reached the point of bias when I find myself making conclusions) – and then I can move forward.

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