feed forward and feed back, causality, logic chains, engines, non-linearity.

For comprehension, a comparison of feed-foward and feed-back might help, not for you guys, but for others observing.

Causality is not always a linear system. Of course, that’s why my focus tends to be that of impetus/drive/etc or in short, WHERE’S THE SPARK PLUG. This system below looks like a marvelous closed loop but it’s not closed at all. It does nothing without a start. Conclusions can form initial premises and the initial premise doesn’t even have to be well-formed, if the conclusions can feed-forward to the premises leading to the primary argument well.

*explaining it* might get some rotten eggs thrown at you but that, I believe is because how many are trained in this way of thinking? Well… in ‘real life’ we deal with this all of the time… but in academia, it’s not seen as much.. with the exception of feminist theories which can have some darned big avalanches starting from a little pebble.
Feed-back vs. Feed-forward


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