fatherhood changes people

I’m a fan of love in the right places and the right ways. I haven’t had the joy of fatherhood, but I’m been Uncle to many and have a least a snippet of that sense of pride, responsibility, adoration, amazement and, really those moments that words just fail to describe properly.

But I’ve seen fatherhood change people dramatically. I’m “the guy” that people pour their problems on and I listen with an understanding ear (or seem to).

And four times I’ve had a similar conversation; grown men who were racked with utter confusion and turmoil and worry about becoming first time fathers, nearly to the point of just RUNNING.

But, that moment it “clicks in”, when they hold their baby for the first time, all that nonsense suddenly makes sense. You see it in the eyes, their ways, it all changes. They change on a deep level. Quite amazing really.

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