Father and Son over analyzed by Kenneth Udut – Cat Stevens, meaningful, virtual dad.

I actually kind of fought against a few lines in the song.

“Find a girl”.  No, not worried about that. I went through the “Find a girl” thing and, blargh, too much drama for my taste.  I’ll deal with it again when I feel like it.

“Settle down”.  Nope.

“You’re still young, that’s your fault, there’s so much you have to know”.  Nope.  I believe you learn most of everything you need by the time you’re four years old.  Most of life is just roleplaying the scripts we learned when we played before we can hardly remember them.

And your age isn’t your fault: it’s just happenstance when you were born.

“For you’ll still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not”.  Nope.  My dreams are alive and well and stronger than ever.  I work towards them daily.

“From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen”.  Nope. Not me.  Talking.  Still talking.  Always talking.  But I listen because I _want_ to listen.  Not from orders.

“I know I have to go away”.  Nope. I’m sticking around forever, even if I’m absorbed in the Earth’s processes.  I ain’t ever going anywhere :P

“There’s so much you have to go through”.  Nope.  I think if you can survive 3rd Grade, you’ve learned more about life and people than you need for two lifetimes.  These same kids who go to school with in 3rd grade will end up as future millionaires, future criminals, future computer geniuses, future everythings, all crammed together in one big mess.

And adult life?  Versions of homework and 3rd grade.  You go through a period where you think, “my one and only will save me” and, well, somebody go that route and for those that find it, I think it’s awesome.  And those that don’t, well, that’s also normal.  I find more success with friendships than singular relationships anyway., but that’s me. :)

“Keeping all the things I knew inside”.  Nope.  Nope.  I tell people everything I know :P What’s the point of crying and keeping it inside?  Just tell someone.  Easy.

But there’s lots of good points in there too.

So, much like I would as if this song was a virtual dad, I agreed with some things, disagreed with other things :P  He’s not my only virtual dad; I had many, but I figured it was time to address this one :D

I used to cry to this song, even though the song is before my time, ’cause I didn’t have a dad.
Still, it was kind of a “virtual blueprint” for being a happy old man, and while I never had any particular guy-person to look up to who could tell me these things, well, I had the Cat Steven’s song along with a few others.
As I’ve heard it through the years though, the song would hit me differently.

There’s some truth in it, and some things that haven’t been true at all for me, but maybe it’s because of the song that I always fought to “stay calm when there’s something going on” and the line “If you want, you can marry” helped make it ok to not marry.

A powerful song can “stick” if it’s a song that “speaks to you”.  And yeah, this one did for me.  Still does.  Won’t for everybody.  “I am old, but I am happy” – I think that’s a good life goal as any :P

and yeah, I over analyze things.  I do it for fun and quickly too; I never really thought about it ’til I wrote it, even if it looks like I’ve been thinking about it for years.  My unconscious does a good job at sorting stuff out and tells my conscious what to write when the time comes.

Now if only I could train my speaking voice to be super-quick like my fingers :P

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