Fate vs Free Will? No need. Of course we have free will.

Fate vs Free Will *sigh*
I don’t think the dichotomy needs to exist though.

I think the problem is our desire to _predict everything_ with certainty.

Destiny. Fate. w0 ejf0iwjlasi fpj-2 9djf iwkaisjj9ejf . is what I say to that That might have been written in a Book somewhere – “Written in the Stars”… and some claim that Science doesn’t have a religious quality to it


I believe that many things can be predicted rather well and seem to apply in this short span of time we’ve been citizens of the Universe with the conditions we happen to find ourselves in.

At the same time, If it took an ENTIRE UNIVERSE to work _exactly as it does_ at present, to create this *big complicated machine* _just_ to create life on a single planet, and order things “just so” and determine everything up to the point of my birth…

…just to allow me to have the free will to go and say something like:

I would be perfectly ok with that.

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