Fastest piano hitting in th

Fastest piano hitting in the world? Kenneth Udut?

Tonight, i was investigating to see if I have a ”natural tempo” on the piano. I hate metronomes, so I never worked with them. I always made the piano teachers keep them off. But for science, I’ll do anything.

So, after several failed techniques (the metronome kept interfering with my playing speed and CHANGING IT – the act of watching changes the behavior) – I figured out a ”sampling technique”:

I’d play, get a rhythmic speed going that ‘felt natural” and would then adjust the metronome, TURN IT ON for just a few seconds. When it wouldn’t match, I’d quickly turn it off before it destroyed my tempo.

I kept going up. From 120 to 125, to 130, 150, 178, 210…

finally I ended up at 250 which started matching up.

After more experiments back and forth, I seem to have settled at a comfortable range of 250-270 bpm. I can’t seem to ”nail it down” yet, but it’s in this range. I can go faster, but this is my comfortable, easy speeds.

I do triplets at 250-270 bpm regularly. That’s just how I play.

So I thought, ”Gee, metronomes only go up to 208, and I hit 270 easily. I wonder who the fastest piano player in the world is?”

Came across this guy. He played the same note for a minute with two hands. His speed was 765 bpm.

I started laughing when I saw this. I was like, ”Really? REALLY!?” Did this guy just fool the world – or am I really that fast?

So I downloaded a ‘BPM’ program where you can tap and it’ll give you the BPM speed. I hit the same computer key for a little while and it seemed to stay more or less steady around here. 791.

Then I went back and did a little math.

I hit triplets at 270 BPM comfortably. I actually start to get ”in the zone” at that speed – it’s euphoric.

A triplet is 3 notes in a single beat.

3 * 270 = 810 BPM. 810 Beats per minute.

Divide by 60 that’s

13.5 notes per second.

I like speed.

If this is all it is, I might shoot a quick video and send it up to Guinness Book of World Records.

Now to find a real piano to try it on. My Yamaha P80 is never fast enough for my fingers.

But only if Guinness pays for my plane ticket.

YOLO #yolo


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