FANDRICH —————> I played the Fandrich piano today

—————>  I played the Fandrich piano today.  It was surpurb!
If you are short on space, or want a piano that is marvelously
constructed, easily transportable (compared to a grand), and want a
beautiful piano for practicing on, this is it!

It outclasses EVERY upright piano I have played to date, and outclasses
most Baby Grands (except for the Grotrian 5’5″, which sounded nearly
twice its size) with the action and sound quality.

The bass was loud and clean, the midrange was nearly perfect, and the
upper range was rather bright, but seemed to fit the instrument.

While I played the instrument, it felt absolutely like a grand piano, and
it sounded like a parlor grand (slightly larger than a 6′ grand) from
where I was sitting.

Tim, who was standing nearby, characterized the Fandrich as “a stunning
achievement” and that “it will singlehandedly save the upright piano market”.
“The treble was a bit hyper, but the bass and midrange was full and rich,
very Americanesqe”
Mark Wright, an English teacher in a nearby high school, told us of his
experience with the Fandrich.  He wasn’t planning on purchasing a piano
at all, since he already had an upright.  But when he heard the Fandrich,
and played it, he was so amazed by it, he borrowed money from his father
to get it, right then and there!

In more of today’s adventures, I found out that Mason and Hamlin of
Boston cast their OWN plates.  I mistakenly thought that Kawai did.

My choice for Grand piano is now inbetween three:
Bechstein B-88 (6’10”)  –  quoted $38,000.
Mason and Hamlin BB (7’0″) – quoted $28,000.
Kawai RX-A (6’5″) – handmade!  quoted $31,000.

I was impressed by the Boston 7’2″ feel and its value ($21,000),
although it didn’t quite have the elegance of the Bechstein, and it has a
silly name too (Boston :D )
Those were my adventures.  Any thoughts?



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