Fame – the fake machine, the repetition… not worth it to me :/

lol I’m satisfied _for now_ at my level of fame :P   Famous enough to be avoiding going into Skype because I get too many calls when I do… and avoiding Kik for the same reason… [I have handful of fans/friends that want my undivided attention to chat with them for hours at a stretch)… and there’s people I avoid on G+ and FB…

…so to me, that’s *enough* of the fame experience for my taste :P

If you want to get famous, you have to do a single thing that you find people like you doing, and then do it.  The same.  Over and over again.  And over again.  And over again.

That’s the thing.  It’s not doing the thing you like doing.  It’s the thing other people like you doing.  Look at musicians.  They have to play the same songs over and over again.  They do concerts and play the same songs they’ve been playing for years, and they have to give it the *same enthusiasm* that the fans want to see _again and again_.

They’re creative people; they want to keep being creative.  But if a band decides to do a “concept album” and change their style?  Down the toilet they go.

Look at superstars; they never change their style.  They’re not allowed to.

*sigh*  I complain but that’s because creativity and fame _should_ be able to go hand-in-hand.. and it *can*… but more often than not, they have to become part of the machinery that manages ‘fame’.

It’s just how it is, how it’s always been.  *sigh*  Look at Einstein?  His fame has less to do with his formula and more to do with him being very quotable, showing up at press conferences, always ready to say something for the newspaper or film thing.  I’m not taking away from his brilliance… but the game is always there.

Sorry for the rant :/  Just one of my disillusionments about “the way the world is”.

You should be rewarded for hard work and creativity.  And you are up to a point.  But it’s that “other thing” – the fake thing – that drives me nuts.   Pretending.   Can’t avoid it.  We all have to do it in some place in life.  Just wish we didn’t have to.  *sigh*  Oh well.  Such is the world.

and thank you; I’ve been meaning to write about fame for a while and you inspired me to think about it.  I like to write, that’s why I do it a lot. And I never know what I think about something until it’s brought up.  http://icopiedyou.com/fame-the-fake-machine-the-repetition-not-worth-it-to-me/ - now I have a piece collected about fame.  I don’t know what I’ll do with it… but should I ever be a world famous whatever (I hope not honestly) – at least I’ll know my opinions on things and be able to answer anything a reporter might throw at me. :)

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